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    Hub membership is available to sport clubs, physical activity groups and non-sporting organizations who wish to contribute towards making sport ‘a way of life’ in Renfrewshire.
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Renfrewshire Leisure is always looking to support community organizations and improve the benefits for hub members. Whether you are new or well-established, you will find many things your organization can benefit from with Community Sport Hub membership this year!

Renfrewshire Leisure’s Sports Services Team operate from West Primary School in Paisley with professional staff in various roles across School Sport, Sport in the Community, Coaching and Volunteering, Supporting Elite Athletes, Developing Community Sport Hubs and Healthy Community Initiatives.

Hub membership also helps us demonstrate the growth of community sport and the significant work that clubs and partners are doing.

Community Sport Hub (CSH)

CSH’s are essentially a ‘home for sport’. Based across local facilities such as sports centres, community centres, the natural environment and/or schools, they bring people together to work and develop sport locally.

They will also provide information, support and advice on a wide range of sports and physical activities to make it easier for local people to get involved and engage in a more active and healthier lifestyle. The specifics of each CSH and what it offers will vary according to local need and local resource. However all Hubs will work to the following five principles:

  1. Growth in participation
  2. Engage the local community
  3. Promote community leadership
  4. Offer a range of sporting opportunities
  5. Bring all appropriate (key) partners/groups/people together

What do CSH’s aim to achieve?

CSH’s aim to achieve the following outcomes:

Providing the Pathway

  • A welcome and safe place to take part in sport and physical activity
  • A home where a range of local sports clubs can work together
  • More opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity

Well Trained People

  • Training and development of the people that make sport happen

Strong Organisations

  • A social environment that engages members of the community
  • An integrated approach from local partners
  • Self sustainable sports clubs/organisations
  • Genuine community engagement and leadership

Quality Facilities

  • Integration with local facility planning and programming
  • Improved access for local people and sports clubs at affordable prices

What will success look like?

There will be a variety of CSH models established that deliver clear and genuine community engagement and leadership. The difference CSH’s will make by 2018 will include the following:

  • Better organised and connected local clubs and CSH’s
  • Increased number of local people will be participating in sport within CSH’s
  • Increased capacity within local sports clubs and the opportunities available to local communities
  • Increased number and quality of deliverers
  • Improved access to local facilities at an affordable price


To date the project in Renfrewshire has seen the development of five CSH’s:

  1. Linwood, Gryffe and Johnstone CSH
  2. Paisley East CSH
  3. Paisley West CSH
  4. Park Mains CSH
  5. Renfrew and Gallowhill CSH

We will continue to support CSH’s to focus on sustainable, community-led approaches that gets clubs working together to develop welcoming, safe and fun environments for sport.




Membership is completely £FREE and the benefits for members include:

  • CSH Membership (x1 per organization)
  • Free club administration software
  • Individual online club profile (includes accreditation)
  • Individual online club deliverer profiles+
  • Direct support and guidance from RL Sports Services staff
  • RL Accredited organizations recognized to potentially work with schools++
  • Eligible to apply for sportscotland hub funding+++
  • Attend hub meetings/events to share practice and network
  • Potential discounts on events and qualifications
  • Potential discounts on RL promotions
  • E-bulletins and newsletters
  • Promotion on RL and CSH websites/social media/publications
+Coaches, officials and volunteers
++Recognized by RL Sports Services
+++Sports recognized and affiliated to sportscotland and associated NGB’s

Membership Accreditation

Categories of accredited CSH membership include evidencing the requirements outlined below.
*Evidence required **Where applicable (Evidence also required)

  • ENTRY +

    This is not an accredited stage.
  • BRONZE +

    Bank Account*, Club Action Plan*, Club Constitution*, Club Insurance*, Child Protection Policy**, Governing Body Affiliation*, PCS Programme*
  • SILVER (BRONZE criteria+) +

    AGM Minutes*, Club Organizational Structure* (Includes Role Descriptions*), Club Welcome Pack*, Disciplinary Procedures*
  • GOLD (SILVER criteria+) +

    Fully Inclusive Programme* (Includes Volunteer Pathway*, Youth Pathway*, Adult Pathway*, Additional Supports Needs Pathway*)
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